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Natural Ingredients

Cannabis-based products and natural ingredients.

Excellent Quality

Products of excellent quality and proven results.

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tonic maneva colcare

From Colombian Companies

These are selected products from Colombian companies that comply with the country’s regulations.

Certified Products

Products that have the Colombian certifications for this type of products (Invima).

What do we do?

Colcare exports the best personal care products, with natural ingredients from Colombian companies. It selects the best products and seeks to export through the best negotiations in order to reach international markets, both with excellent products and the best prices.

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Product highlight

About Maneva Hair Tonic

  • It is a product manufactured in MedellĂ­n-Colombia.
  • Its main ingredient is cannabis seed oil.
  • It also has ingredients such as rosemary, alfalfa, sweet clover, among others.
  • It has more natural ingredients, achieving the perfect combination focused on strengthening, preventing and combating hair loss.
  • Guaranteed results.

“Always thinking about bringing you the best natural personal care products.”

Colcare searches, selects and validates the best natural personal care products.




Colombian Companies

Natural Ingredients

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Certified Companies


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