About Colcare

The Colcare brand stands for Colombian Care or Colombian personal care products. This Business Line markets products focused on personal care, with natural ingredients and from Colombian companies to conquer other markets.


Select and offer the best products of our Colombian companies in the personal care sector, with natural ingredients products, to market and position them in other markets.

About our products

colcare fund
Tonic Hair Maneva
colcare shampoo

Our products are selected among Colombian companies that offer premium products, that have the pertinent certifications and whose products are made with natural ingredients.

From there, we carried out an exhaustive validation and subsequent commercialization outside the national territory (Colombia).



Hello! I am the manager of Colcare.

I am the manager of Colcare. In this line of business I seek to export all those Colombian products of excellent quality, to position them in international markets; always making sure to have the best products, certified products, products with natural and proven ingredients to ensure the success of the business. All through exclusive negotiations, where we can offer the best products at the best price and promote the Colombian industry.


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